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“With our packaging line, we want to bring consumers into contact with exotics they never buy”

Tholen – Starting your own business in the exotics import in Corona time sounds like a challenge. Nevertheless, according to Tim Struckman of Exotic Roots, it also offers opportunities as a start-up in these times. September 23 last year the first shipment arrived and the young company is developing rapidly. Next month Exotic Roots will move into a new building in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel with its own cold storage.”

Exotic Roots offers exotic fruit and vegetables, working together with growers and partners, mainly from Africa and India. “At the moment okra, but also haricot verts, pods, sugar snap peas and baby corn are part of the main range. This week we also receive Indian Badami, Alphonso and Kesar mangoes, which we have available until the end of June,” says Tim . “In addition, we offer a wide range of specialties from Dutch soil.”

The company mainly supplies (catering) wholesalers, supermarkets and independent toko’s. “Most customers are in the Netherlands, but we also have customers in Ireland, Scandinavia and Germany,” says the importer. He wants to make the distinction based on service and personal contact. “I speak to my customers every day and can act quickly. “If customers place an order on Thursday or Friday, it will be prepared in India on Saturday and the shipment will be taken on the plane on Sunday and delivered on Monday.”

“Airfreight capacity has been a challenge in recent months. Availability is still scarce and prices are extremely high. That has a major impact on the purchase price,” says Tim. “Organic exotics are currently very scarce. For us, organic will be an important spearhead in the long term. We will develop biodegradable packaging for this, among other things.”

With its own brand ‘Taste it’, Exotic Roots hopes to increase awareness of the exotics on the European supermarket shelf. “We will introduce a new packaging line at the end of this month. Our goal is that consumers come into contact with exotics that they would never buy otherwise. We are still small in size, but our ambitions are big. In five years’ time we want to be the market leader in the packaged exotics we feed!”

For more information:
Tim Struckman
Exotic Roots B.V.
Röntgenlaan 11
2719 DX Zoetermeer
Direct : +31 79 3302 116
Mobile : +31 6 20 150 148

Publication date: Fri 5 March 2021
Author: Izak Heijboer

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