White Eggplant Round

The round white eggplant is a special variety of the eggplant family, with a round shape and a soft, white skin that promises a subtle and delicate flavor.

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The round white eggplant is usually grown in warm climates and thrives in well-drained, fertile soil. It has similar growing requirements to other eggplant species.

Nutritional values

This eggplant is a good source of nutrients such as dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K and potassium, and it is low in calories. It is a healthy choice for various diets.


The round white eggplant is often used in Mediterranean and Asian dishes, such as stews, curries and grilled vegetable dishes. Its mild flavor makes it perfect for absorbing spices and flavors.

Did you know…

The white color of the skin distinguishes this eggplant from the more common purple varieties. This not only makes it visually appealing, but also offers creative culinary opportunities to create colorful dishes.

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