Pointed Gourd

Pointed gourd is a vegetable often used in Indian cuisine for its delicate flavor and versatility. The vegetable has an elongated shape with pointed ends and a green or pale yellow skin.

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Pointed gourd is grown in different parts of India, especially during the summer and rainy seasons. It grows well in warm and humid conditions.

Nutritional values

Pointed gourd is low in calories and contains nutrients such as fiber, vitamin C and iron. It is a good source of antioxidants.


Pointed gourd is often used in curries, stews and fry dishes. It has and mild flavor and absorbs the flavors of herbs and spices well.

Did you know…

Pointed gourd is sometimes called “green potato” because of its similar texture after cooking. It is popular in Indian cuisine because of its ability to take on different flavors and add them to dishes.

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