The maracuya, also known as the yellow passion fruit, is a juicy tropical fruit with a smooth, round skin. With yellow-orange flesh, it has a sweet and refreshing taste with a hint of sourness.

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Maracuyas thrive in Colombia’s hot and humid climate. Plants need adequate sunlight and regular water to grow and bear fruit.

Nutritional values

This fruit is rich in vitamin C, dietary fiber and antioxidants. It also contains vitamin A and iron.


The maracuya is often made into juices, smoothies, desserts and ice cream. The flesh can also be eaten directly by spooning it out.

Did you know…

Passion fruit is called “maracuyá” in Spanish, derived from the Tupi word “marakuya,” which means “food in a bowl.” This name reflects the way the flesh of the passion fruit sits in its skin, like a natural bowl.

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