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“From picking to the customer in three days, with exotic fruit and vegetables”

Tholen – A crisis not only causes doom and gloom, but can also offer new opportunities. Tim Struckman also thought in this trend and decided to set up his own company focused on the import of exotic fruits and vegetables. At the beginning of August, the time had come: The establishment of Exotic Roots.

More attention for the exotic

Even the challenges that air freight then faced, Tim couldn’t hold back. “I have always had a great passion for the fruit and vegetable trade, preferably with my own company focused on exotic fruit and vegetables. In my opinion, these are still too underexposed on the market. We also want to bring these exotic products more to the attention of the public. For example, we have seen that in recent months there has been a lot of demand for citrus because it contains so much vitamin C, but a fruit like Guava already contains much more vitamin C than most oranges.”


Over the past few months, Tim has gathered the necessary contacts, partners and resources to start his business. In the meantime, he has been busy trading for 2-3 weeks. “Very cool to do,” says Tim enthusiastically. “We import with our partners directly from the growers by air freight. Most of our trade still comes from India, but in the future we want to expand this to other production countries. It is nice to see that the products we sell are actually available to our customers within 3 days of picking.

In addition to that speed and a specialism focused on exotic products, we also focus on a customer-oriented approach. In this way, in addition to a good, directly imported product (hence the name Exotic Roots), we can also adapt and adapt to the wishes of our customers. Our target group mainly consists of retailers and wholesalers. In the future, we want to expand further to other European countries such as Germany and Scandinavia.”

Okra, guava and drumsticks

At Exotic Roots, the runners are not the standard bulk tomatoes or peppers, but exotic products. “At the moment, it is mainly okra, guava and pomegranates that are doing well. We will soon be adding other products, also from Dutch soil, such as lemon basil and orange mint. We are also working on setting up our own brand for our exotic products.”

When asked what Tim’s own favorite is, he has to think for a while. “It’s hard to choose,” he laughs. “I still think I’ll go for the drumstick beans. Very healthy but also very unknown. At least, as Exotic Roots we are going to change that.”

For more information:
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Exotic Roots
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Publication date: Wed 9 Sep 2020
Author: Thom Dobbelaar

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