Why Exotic Roots

Your wishes our goals

The young team of Exotic Roots focuses on what really matters, namely putting the customer first and ensuring fresh and high-quality products. In collaboration with our customers and partners, we are constantly looking to expand our range and focus on a strong long-term cooperation with the growers.

  • Straight from the source

  • Sustainable quality assurance

  • Customer oriented

  • Young team

Our supply chain

Day 1

On day 1, all products are freshly picked.

Day 2

On day 2, the products are shipped to the Netherlands.

Day 2

The products are inspected for quality on arrival the same day

Day 3

On day 3 the transport will be arranged to our customers.

Popular products



Red Rawit

Our roots

Exotic Roots works together with growers and partners from all over the world. Due to short lines and the right agreements, we can supply high-quality products all year round. By means of new innovations and techniques, we want to provide the customer with optimum quality in a new way, directly from the source. Exotic Roots supplies to a broad customer segment, among others; (catering) wholesalers, supermarket chains and supermarkets in the Netherlands, Europe and Ireland.

With a young and energetic team we want to conduct a new fresh way of trading with real attention to the customer.

A good relationship is the basis of a good partnership and a unique collaboration. Sincere attention to the customer is the foundation for this.

The fresh assortment of Exotic Roots is divided into 5 categories; exotic vegetables, exotic fruits, peppers, beans and other exotics. The fresh exotics are imported from different countries and are picked fresh every week and delivered directly.


Hot off the press

Exotic Roots celebrates 1 year anniversary and visits growers in Kenya for its own production

Exotic Roots celebrated its one-year anniversary at the beginning of October with partners and customers in the new building in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel. There was a toast to this milestone while enjoying champagne and tasty snacks.

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